Pilates with Safiah


  • Certified Studio Equipment and Matwork Pilates Instructor

  • Pre and Post Natal Pilates Specialist

  • Fully insured by Balens

  • First Aid Trained


Certified Studio Equipment and Matwork Pilates Instructor

Pre and Post Natal Pilates Specialist

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 "Contrology develops the body uniformly, corrects wrong postures, restores physical vitality, invigorates the mind and elevates the spirits"


Joseph Pilates 

One Mama's Pilates Journey

Hypermobility, Lower back pain & Pregnancy

I have been hypermobile my entire life.

In my early 20s my back used to sprain on a

weekly basis and render me immobile for

12 – 24 hours at a time. It wasn’t until I saw a

Physio in my mid-twenties that they diagnosed

me with hypermobility and gave me some

simple pilates exercises to do and recommended

that I find a pilates class. The exercises

revolutionised my life. My back no longer

sprained. However, I need to do them every

week at the very least, because if I don’t my

back starts to suffer again. 



I was always worried about carrying a child,

both for the pregnancy and also the strain of

lifting a child as they grow. Luckily I was

recommended Safiah by my pilates instructor.

I had my first consultation at the beginning of my second trimester. Safiah assessed me and designed a programme specifically to match my needs. It consisted of strengthening and stretching exercises. I made sure I practiced this diligently each week. I continued this until the third trimester and then had my second consultation over Skype. Safiah tweaked the routine in the third trimester. It had more stretching than strengthening exercises, and then as I approached week 34 of my pregnancy I gave them up entirely, stopped pelvic floor exercises and began a stretching and opening up routine. I was combining this with hip mobilisation movement on the birthing ball as well as gentle walks right up to the birth to keep my body active and encourage the baby into the right position. It worked!


When I gave birth I rested for two months and then Safiah recommended I see a pelvic floor physiotherapist before returning for the next stage in our consultations. I had a few things I needed to work on but physiotherapist was very impressed that I had no diastasis (separation of my stomach muscles) and my pelvic floor is in good shape. I am now beginning my set of recovery exercises put together for me by Safiah to begin to get my strength back and to ease the tension in my back. 



I have been extremely surprised that my back has not sprained in all this time, and I am sure it is because of the carefully considered approach that Safiah has lead me throughout my pregnancy. She has been on the end of the phone when I had queries, I have felt so lucky to have been supported by such a knowledgeable and understanding professional. I strongly believe practitioners like Safiah should be recommended to all women whilst they prepare for child birth and beyond.



39 Years Old

Pregnancy Pilates




Pre and Post Natal Pilates

Past Event 

Pilates on a roof terrace overlooking London.

An hour-long class of dynamic mat pilates on aqua nueva's stunning roof terrace - followed by a choice of four delicious dishes from the restaurant's signature Sombremesa brunch menu and a glass of cava, sipped while enjoying a private view of luxury sportswear brand Every Second Counts.

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Benefits of the

Pilates Method


Improve Posture & Alignment


Core Strength


Spinal & Joint Health










" She has an incredible understanding of the body

and an eagle eye for incorrect movement!

As a teacher she is patient, firm and her

attention to detail is crucial in correcting exercise positions and has ensured I get the most out of each lesson. Attending her classes has improved my own

understanding of Pilates and helped me

gain better core strength and muscle tone. "

Sadeeya Shamsuddin


33 years Old