Pilates with Safiah


  • Certified Studio Equipment and Matwork Pilates Instructor

  • Pre and Post Natal Pilates Specialist

  • Fully insured by Balens

  • First Aid Trained

On August 7 I had the pleasure of teaching an hour-long class of dynamic mat Pilates on aqua nueva's stunning roof terrace to a lovely mix of Pilates lovers, Pilates virgins and a four months pregnant Pilates Mama!  The weather was perfect and the Pilates session was followed by a choice of four delicious dishes from the restaurant's signature Sombremesa brunch menu and a glass of cava.


We also enjoyed meeting the owner of luxury sportswear brand

Every Second Counts and had a private viewing of it's latest designs. We even received exclusive discount to purchase the clothings online. Thank you Aqua London for having me and thank you to those who came.

What better way to spend my Sunday than doing what I love - Pilates, eating, drinking and socialising with amazing people. Till next time!

- Sunday Fitness Brunch -

Matwork Pilates on a roof terrace

Getting up for any exercise based activity on a Sunday morning is normally a painful experience - however as soon as we arrived at the venue (Aqua Nueva) it started to feel more like treat. Great views over the city rooftops and a bright sunny morning, we couldn’t have asked for better! Safiah warmly embraced us into the group and took great care in understanding everyone’s needs and injuries before beginning. I was hesitant beforehand as I’m pregnant but she very quickly put me at easy and ensured the class was adapted accordingly. The class was well instructed for all levels (with safe adjustments), fun and a good workout - we certainly worked up an appetite! The final reward was a generous (and delicious) 4 course brunch and a glass of bubbly (which I sadly had to forgo)! Safiah is a great teacher and would highly recommend!

Liz Hay

Creative Director


It was the first time I attended Safiah’s class, and it’s also been a very long time since I’ve done any Pilates. The location was on the rooftop of Soho’s Aqua bar on a beautiful sunny Sunday. Upon arrival, I was greeted by her lovely smile and warm nature which most definitely contributed to how much I enjoyed the class. It was a small intimate class. Safiah is a great teacher with a lot of attention to detail. During the lesson, she would not only demonstrate the poses but also walk around and do adjustments where necessary. I immediately felt the muscles working differently just because of some of those little tweaks she asked you to do. In fact, I can still feel my tummy muscles two days after the class :) so most definitely a good workout! After the class, the group sat down to have some bubbly and brunch together. It was a lovely way to get to know each other whilst enjoying some nice food. Whilst I did the class with a friend, it would not have been a problem to do this by yourself, the whole set up was very social. You would not have felt left out, and it’s a great way to meet people and make new friends. Safiah is also a teacher who makes you feel very welcome. I felt the above was worth mentioning because as someone who has been doing yoga for a couple of years now, and thus have met a number of teachers, I appreciate teachers who are actually interested in their craft and their students. Having previously been to a similar “fitness brunch”, I also like the fact that Safiah and the whole group sat down together to eat, chat and get to know each other.  Altogether, it is a great way to start your Sunday! 

Winnie Tang

Product Manager

Past Event