Pilates with Safiah


  • Certified Studio Equipment and Matwork Pilates Instructor

  • Pre and Post Natal Pilates Specialist

  • Fully insured by Balens

  • First Aid Trained


I have been extremely surprised that my back has not sprained in all this time, and I am sure it is because of the carefully considered approach that Safiah has lead me throughout my pregnancy. She has been on the end of the phone when I had queries, I have felt so lucky to have been supported by such a knowledgeable and understanding professional. I strongly believe practitioners like Safiah should be recommended to all women whilst they prepare for child birth and beyond.



39 Years Old

I first attended Safiah's beginner pilates reformer classes four months after having my second child. I had developed symphysis pubic dysfunction half way through my pregnancy and was still struggling with a lot of lower back pain. Safiah is a fantastic teacher, she exudes calm and knowledge. I was initially very nervous about doing anything that might cause more pain but she explained the exercises very clearly and checked that I was doing them correctly, reassuring me that I could go as slowly and gently as I needed too, whilst attending to the rest of the class. I felt very safe in her classes and over the course of seven months I have developed muscle strength (no more back pain, no more expensive osteopath visits, Yay!) that I haven't had in years. I have now progressed to intermediate classes where Safiah is as attentive as she was in beginner's. As well as all the physical benefits, Safiah's classes have provided me as a busy mum of two with some sacred time out for me,which is priceless. I cannot recommend her more highly.

Jenna Rutherford


I discovered Pilates some months prior to coming across Safiah at Pilates HQ. This approach to doing Pilates assisted by machines was a bit of a novelty and I entered into with some trepidation. My initial reasons for wanting to progress with Pilates was to a) try and shed and shape this ageing body of mine b) gain back some of the much needed posture and stamina to cope better on a day to day basis personally and professionally and c) get that all round feel good factor! Having attended Safiah's beginners and now intermediate classes I can see the improvement in a), b) and c) above. Her style of 'tutoring' is clear and supportive. When in her class her management of the room leaves you feeling you are the only person there as she never takes her eyes of the ball when it comes to the safety of all and is totally inclusive in her teaching style. I look forward to her sessions every week, even with having to trek half way across London to do so!

I couldn't recomend her highly enough!


Shaine Richardson

HR Consultant


Safiah is a great teacher with a lot of attention to detail. During the lesson, she would not only demonstrate the poses but also walk around and do adjustments where necessary. I immediately felt the muscles working differently just because of some of those little tweaks she asked you to do. In fact, I can still feel my tummy muscles two days after the class :) so most definitely a good workout! Safiah is also a teacher who makes you feel very welcome. I felt the above was worth mentioning because as someone who has been doing yoga for a couple of years now, and thus have met a number of teachers, I appreciate teachers who are actually interested in their craft and their students.

Winnie Tang

Product Manager

Safiah is enthusiastic and no matter what time the class always has a smile on her face. Safiah provides a mix of physical demonstration and verbal instruction for each Pilates move as she takes her students through the class. She is patient as well as attentive making sure she goes round the class giving each student personal attention, correcting alignment and checking everyone is completing the Pilates move correctly. Her classes are challenging and I have noticed a difference in my body since taking her classes, I am more toned and it has helped my flexibility. I am less tight in my shoulders and hips. I rarely miss a class. I look forward to and enjoy each one.


Catherine Williams - Baffoe

Senior Practitioner Youth Offending Service

48 years old

I have had one to one lessons with Safiah for over a year.

She structured  and adapted the exercises to suit my ability.

I was particularly pleased that she is careful to prevent any injury during exercise.The lessons were interesting and varied as we used the Pilates equipment as well as small props and apparatus such as a small ball, resistant bands and cushions to assist my body. I would recommend Safiah as I was pleased with her teaching.

Olympia Thoma

Retired Teacher

70 years old

It was with some trepidation that I was, at the age of 70, persuaded by my two sons that I should give Pilates a try.  They took me up four flights of stairs to Pilates HQ, where I was introduced to Safiah D. More than two years later, I can say that it was one of the best decisions ever. 


Without doubt, I am now fitter, stronger, healthier and better able to survive and even thrive into old age. From the start, Safiah has been skilful in balancing repetition and variation, so that I hardly realise when I am being pushed a bit further.  Even when my capabilities must be disappointing to an expert, she is unfailingly encouraging, which means that you try harder so as not to disappoint her.  She is always smiling and friendly, but she does not waste time.
I cannot recommend Safiah too highly as a Pilates instructor.

Nicholas Payne

Director of Opera Europa

almost 73 Years Old

Safiah you have been brilliant, I couldn't have asked for a better and more dedicated Pilates instructor. I was totally new to pilates when I started and you have shown me how important it is to look after our bodies, pregnant or not! Your sessions were well adapted to suit all our different needs and the personal touch at each session was the cherry on the cake. I'll be looking forward to when you return to Pilates HQ. 


I wish you all the best for your new arrival, I hope you'll get some time to rest before the hard, and extremely rewarding, next few months and years coming your way!! 

Mia Misfud

Event Manager

38 years old

Safiah has come to be my favourite reformer  Pilates instructor - she has an incredible understanding of the body and an eagle eye for incorrect movement! As a teacher she is patient, firm and her attention to detail is crucial in correcting exercise positions and has ensured I get the most out of each lesson. Attending her classes has improved my own understanding of pilates and helped me gain better core strength and muscle tone. Thank you.

Sadeeya Shamsuddin


33 years Old